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A Military Plane And Blackhawk Helicopter Are Circling NYC Right Now



Right now there’s a military plane (C-138 or HC-130H) and two¬†Blackhawk helicopters circling Manhattan and a lot of people are confused about it. Apparently, so is the NYPD. Thankfully the Air National Guard has an answer for the strange sight: apparently it’s a training exercise.

The thing is, New York gets kind of nervous when seeing planes fly overhead, especially military ones. I can count on one hand the number of times I see a plane flying overhead a week, and I’ve never heard of this happening. Obviously it’s nothing to get upset or worried about, but still, it’s kind of lame that this could become a regular occurrence.

If it is a C-130 Hercules, it doesn’t seem to be armed, but these flying beasts can carry some serious cargo–including electronic listening equipment.

Photos and videos of the mysterious aircraft have been posted to Twitter for the past hour. Here are some of the better images and videos.

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