A Military Plane And Blackhawk Helicopter Are Circling NYC Right Now


Right now there’s a military plane (C-138 or HC-130H) and two¬†Blackhawk helicopters circling Manhattan and a lot of people are confused about it. Apparently, so is the NYPD. Thankfully the Air National Guard has an answer for the strange sight: apparently it’s a training exercise.

Blackhawk Helicopters and C-130 plane circling over Manhattan part of training exercise, says the Air National Guard.

— Tony Gatto (@gattotony) December 13, 2016

The thing is, New York gets kind of nervous when seeing planes fly overhead, especially military ones. I can count on one hand the number of times I see a plane flying overhead a week, and I’ve never heard of this happening. Obviously it’s nothing to get upset or worried about, but still, it’s kind of lame that this could become a regular occurrence.

If it is a C-130 Hercules, it doesn’t seem to be armed, but these flying beasts can carry some serious cargo–including electronic listening equipment.

@LanceUlanoff C-130 Hercules. It doesn't look armed. Weird its flying so close to the city though.

— comma slayer (@unrealRaySabb) December 13, 2016

Photos and videos of the mysterious aircraft have been posted to Twitter for the past hour. Here are some of the better images and videos.

A video of the plane that's been circling Manhattan pic.twitter.com/Bsj5ANEeW1

— Alp Ozcelik (@alplicable) December 13, 2016

Why is a plane this large circling midtown Manhattan? This from 14th St, Union Square. pic.twitter.com/6fwmsc1KfN

— Andrew Fine (@AFineBlogger) December 13, 2016

#Military #plane C-130? Circling around #Manhattan. Anyone have answers? pic.twitter.com/U6Q7r9bvmZ

— Sasha Moses (@sashamoses76) December 13, 2016

Plane circling over manhattan @AirlineFlyer @nypost @Gothamist pic.twitter.com/ZsUOGOQQPF

— Prinz Gj (@_prz__) December 13, 2016

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