WATCH: Adam "Pacman" Jones Repeatedly Calls Terrelle Pryor 'Garbage' In Remarkable Tirade

Adam Jones made a foray into the wacky world of professional wrestling while he was suspended for the entire 2007 NFL season due to off-the-field transgressions. And from the looks of it the Bengals cornerback must have learned how to cut an absolutely devastating wrestling promo.
Terrelle Pryor was the target of his fury after Cincinnati’s win today. Pryor has been the sole bright bright spot during Cleveland’s winless season, but today Jones and his fellow defensive backs held the former Ohio State quarterback to just one reception for 3 yards. Despite his lack of production, or maybe because of it, Pryor was evidently running his mouth enough to provoke this vicious yet hysterical reaction from the artist formerly known as “Pacman”.

The best part is obviously when he checks the garbage can for Pryor. Just grade-A sh*t talking from the veteran cornerback.
Apparently this was just the very end of the interview. Here’s the extended transcript, courtesy of As you’ll see, Jones really went in.

“It’s just the principle of you’ve been playing for so long and you’ve put in your work and you’ve young guys talking (expletive) who haven’t done (expletive),” Jones began.
“We took it personal. I know me and Dre did, personally, for a guy to personally go to my coordinator (Paul Guenther) and tell me he’s going to get me cut after the game.
“I have the utmost respect for (Browns head coach) Hue (Jackson), but certain (expletive) I don’t tolerate from young punks, really, basically. A (expletive) suburb kid that wants to act like he’s the toughest thing in the world, because he done caught a couple of balls.
“He’s just arrogant. You could see it with his teammates. Did you all not see him, when he was pushing and cussing at RGIII on the field? So I pay attention to everything. I told RGIII how the (expletive) you going to throw him the ball when he’s talking to you like that. You’re the (expletive) quarterback.
“It’s just little things.
“Ya’ll know who I am. I don’t really don’t get into personal battles because I’ve got respect for a lot of people, but certain situations it just demands me to speak.
“Truthfully I could give two (expletive) about Terrelle Pryor and his career and whatever he done.”
“He told my coordinator that he’s going to cut me after the game,” Jones added. “For a guy that’s been a slouch around the league at quarterback, played decent this year for his first year at wide receiver. I’m saying all this facade, all the fake hard (expletive) that he plays out on the field. That ain’t Terrelle. I checked his background. He’s a suburbs kid from Pittsburgh. Terrelle Pryor was right there the whole game, right there in the garbage can. Next question.”

For someone who was expected to be out of the league once he got suspended for that whole 2007 season, it really is a marvel that Adam Jones is still locking down receivers in 2016. God bless him.

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