Myrtle Beach Police Bust Prostitution Ring, Also Capture World's First Zombie

A Myrtle Beach prostitution ring was busted this week, but if you’ve ever visited Myrtle Beach, you’ll know that this isn’t really breaking news. The place is… interesting. What will interest you about the story, however, is one mugshot from the arrests. The mugshot in question is not of a pimp, and it’s not of a john. Nope, it’s of one of the prostitutes and it would seem that the Myrtle Beach Police Department has stumbled upon the first-ever zombie hooker.

So I’ve never hired a prostitute or paid for anything like that, but I’m not opposed to the profession. It’s the oldest job in the world. That being said, I’m very glad that Myrtle Beach police busted up this particular ring because I’m not sure how I feel about the existence of zombies as a whole, let alone people having sex with them.
Speaking of which, how are people paying this zombie? In brains? In flesh? Like, on one pimp hand I love my zombie hoe’s work ethic because they never tire in their search of flesh, but I need her to make some money eventually. On the other pimp hand, I’m very scared of my zombie hoe because she’s a zombie.

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