So, Apparently There Are 11 States Where It's Legal To Have Sex With Animals

Anyone know what year it is? Oh, 2016, that’s right. We’re living in the age of political correctness, how could I forget? Today, more than ever, Americans are hyper-aware of and sensitive to all sorts of… Wait, what? What’s that? Bestiality? Bestiality is still legal in ELEVEN states?! Oh, wow. We really missed this one, you guys.
via WHIO:

Ohio is one of just a handful of states that doesn’t have an actual law outlawing bestiality on the books. Having sexual contact with an animal is a step closer to becoming illegal in Ohio after the state Senate voted 31-0 Wednesday to strengthen Ohio law. The bill now heads to the House. The proposed bill, Senate Bill 195, would: prohibit a person from engaging in sexual conduct with an animal and related acts; provide for the seizure and impoundment of an animal that is the subject of a violation; and uthorize a sentencing court to require an offender to undergo psychological evaluation or counseling.

Sen. Jim Hughes, R-Upper Arlington, said: “I think this is something that is sickening and perverse and we don’t want Ohio to be the place you can come and have sex with an animal.”  Uhhhh, yeah dude, you think?
The bill has gained the support of a variety of animal welfare groups, including the Humane Society of the United States. Shocker. I feel like this would be a bill that animal rights groups staunchly opposed.
Anyway, here’s the list of the 12 places (including DC) where you’re allowed to have sex with an animal. America really, really, REALLLLYYYY needs to get its shit together.

Places where bestiality is legal in the U.S.:
District of Columbia
New Hampshire
New Jersey
New Mexico
West Virginia

Not a good look, United States.
[h/t WHIO]

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