Christmas Gift Ideas For Him: Top 5 Best Gifts Under $100

Unsure of what to get your ‘mans’ this Christmas? Well, me too! For me, the reason is that I don’t have a man but trust me, neither my wallet or I can complain about that. With that being said, the majority of my shopping will be done either at PetCo or PetSmart for my worm of a Chihuahua, who just happens to be the perfect stand-in ‘boyfriend’ this holiday season.
Men are usually the hardest people to shop for. Hands down. Even though they happen to be the simplest creatures out there, they’re still hard to shop for. Guaranteed. I actually researched more for Christmas gift ideas for past fling, than I did for my Research Methods and Analysis class back in college. BUT I am a total bro of a chick, who just so happens to have two older brothers. You are in good hands, my friends.

I get that we are all on a budget, but you need to at least make some sort of effort to spoil your dude. So let’s leak some of the best affordable gift ideas, all under $100, shall we?

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