NBA Picks And Parlays: Spreads & Betting Tips For Week 6

It’s good to be back after having a week off for Thanksgiving. When we last met in the fourth week of the NBA season, I provided everyone with another winning week, to no one’s surprise, even though I missed my Lock of the Week. Whatever, shit happens. Anyways, the NBA season has been pretty kind to me up to this point, as I’ve had three out of four winning weeks so far with my picks. Hold your applause, there’s still a lot of season left to go. We have a great slate of games tonight, and what better way to end 2016 by winning a shit ton of money by betting on Friday night NBA games throughout the entire month. Let’s get it going.

Celtics -6.5 vs Kings

Celtics vs Kings

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Love the Celtics in this game. They may not have come out of the gates as good as I thought they would, but I still think they’ll end up being one of the better teams in the league by the season’s end. With the exception of my man Boogie Cousins, the Kings kind of suck, so I wouldn’t feel great picking them in this spot. I also like how the Celtics are at home. In Brad Stevens We Trust.

Clippers -5.5 @ Pelicans

Clippers Pelicans

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The Clippers are coming off a great win against the Cavaliers last night, and I expect them to do much of the same tonight against a much lesser team. Anthony Davis is playing like a goddamn monster this year, and he most likely will give the Clippers trouble tonight, but unfortunately for him, the rest of his roster is complete trash. Sucks he’s going to be stuck in New Orleans with a shitty team for the next few years, but he’s also making $20 million a year, so I don’t feel that bad. Anyways, don’t try and be a hero. Just take Los Angeles here.

Spurs -9.5 vs Wizards – Lock of the Week

Spurs vs Wizards

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If I’ve said it once I’ve said it a trillion times, when it doubt just take the Spurs. San Antonio is one of the best teams in the NBA (shocker I know), and I know this may come as a surprise, but the Wizards are not. The Spurs play great at home and I don’t see that being any different tonight. Washington obviously has the advantage at point guard with John Wall, but I’m sure Kawhi Leonard will be on him all night, and won’t have too much trouble containing him. Spurs as my Lock of the Week, which I should probably just do every week. I hope Gregg Popovich coaches forever.

Raptors -10 vs Lakers

Raptors vs Lakers

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I don’t feel great about this game because the Lakers have been young and scrappy this year, but they’re also not going to have their best player in D’Angelo Russell tonight. I bet on Toronto more often than I’d like to, and I feel like I’m giving the country of Canada more credit than they probably deserve, but they’re a good team and have a good home crowd. God, it feels so dirty picking Canada over the USA, but money is money, so I have to do what’s best for my bank account.

Cavaliers -2 @ Bulls

Cavaliers Bulls

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Not a chance in hell that the Cavs lose three in a row. Betting on Lebron sucks because he’s a douchebag, but he keeps winning me money so I have to keep taking him. I don’t care that they’re on the road, Cleveland takes care of business tonight, and more importantly puts money in my pocket. Shout out to J.R. Smith.
Five games. Five favorites. Five winners. That’s great, fresh off a nice little holiday break, I’m coming back with five straight favorites like a goddamn sucker. Too bad for my bookie, though because I’m going 5-0. A wise man once said, “Shooter’s gotta shoot” and that’s what I’m going to do. Let’s freaking go.
Record on the season: 13-7
Locks of the Week: 1-3

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