Jackie Chan Net Worth 2023: How Much is Jackie Chan Worth Now?

This year marks a huge milestone for the “Chan-tastic” Jackie Chan. Chan was born on April 7, 1954, and only a few years later was sent to the Peking Opera School where he trained in martial arts and vocal work. As the world’s second highest paid actor, it’s no secret that he is doing very well. With over 200 films under his belt, the world record for “Most Stunts by a Living Actor,” and a newly won Honorary Oscar Award, I can’t think of anyone more deserving of such a huge net worth.

Jackie Chan Net Worth as of 2019: $395 Million

1962 – 1979

Jackie Chan Net Worth 1979


Starting his acting career at only eight years old, he didn’t get a big movie role until 10 years later when he acted as a stuntman in 1972’s Fist of Fury. Soon after, Chan began work on Enter the Dragon, where he worked alongside Bruce Lee, who he considered an inspiration. After Bruce Lee’s death, Chan had begun to take his role in a few different movies, which fans were not pleased about. In 1976, he finally got to star in Hand of Death, kick-starting his long and successful acting career. It wasn’t until 1978 that Chan had finally gained popularity with the release of Snake in the Eagle’s Shadow and Drunken Master, which made about $350,000 and $850,000 (USD) at the Chinese box office and are widely considered some of his best films.

1980 – 1994

Jackie Chan Net Worth 1994


By the start of the ’80s, Chan had begun directing his own comedy action films under the Golden Harvest Company. Chan thought about moving his films over to the American market by 1985 when he released The Protector, which was a critical failure, but then decided to release Police Story, which was a huge success in Asia with box offices estimating about $3.4 million (USD) in earnings, not to mention the countless sequels that came after its release. To this day, Jackie Chan still regards this as one of his best works.

1995 – 2003

Jackie Chan Net Worth 2003


The beginning of Jackie Chan’s film career in the US started with 1995’s Rumble in the Bronx and 1998’s Rush Hour, with estimated box office earnings of $32.4 million and $244.4 million respectively. By this time, Chan decided to leave the Golden Harvest Company. Due to the booming popularity of Rush Hour, Shanghai Noon, a completely American made film, released two years later to much success with $99.3 million in the box office. Chan was pleased with the success of the two films but did not like the way that Hollywood controlled his creative freedoms during production. In 2003, Chan decided to start his own production company, JCE Movies Limited, where he planned to release all future films outside of Hong Kong.

2004 – 2007

Jackie Chan Net Worth 2007


In the mid-2000s, Chan’s work in the American film industry had its ups and downs. Rush Hour and Shanghai Noon managed to spawn very successful series of sequels, but films like The Tuxedo didn’t manage to capture the same audience. Regardless of a few faults, he was still doing very well in the industry at this point in time.

2008 – 2017

Jackie Chan Net Worth 2016


Kung Fu Panda was a 3D animated children’s movie and a box-office hit in the US, as well as an opportunity for Jackie Chan to do voiceover work by playing a character in the film. Having the opportunity to work with actors like Jack Black and Angelina Jolie in a movie aimed at younger audiences certainly helped increase his popularity within the states.
Now, after the success of many of his comedic action films, he is making more money than he ever has in his life. In 2016 alone, he has estimated to have made $61 million dollars. Out of his estimated total worth of $395 million, that’s a fairly large chunk, meaning he’s doing much better now than he was years ago. He also has six projects scheduled to be released in 2017, so he’s showing no signs of slowing down.
To a legend in the film industry, inside of China and out, we should celebrate the success of a man who has made millions doing something he loves and cares about.
Congratulations on your well-deserved Oscar, Jackie Chan!


You cannot rule out the massive interest surrounding Jackie Chan and Arnold Swazennegar’s upcoming movie Journey to China boasts as the release date steps closer.


We will get to watch Jackie Chan’s ‘The Knight of Shadows: Between Yin and Yang’ in theatre in February 6th.

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