J.J. Watt’s Old MySpace Photos Are Everything You’d Hope They’d Be

J.J. Watt had a MySpace page. That factoid in and of itself isn’t really worth your time, but what should be interesting to you is that his old MySpace photos are still alive on his page and they’re everything you’d want to see in old Myspace photos of a professional athlete: headbands, b-boy stances, and the polo shirt + white undershirt combos.

To me, the craziest thing about this is that his PR team or whoever haven’t deleted this yet. Or worse, that Justin James made the conscious decision not to get rid of these because he’s “not embarrassed.” Like, dude, be a normal person for me one time. I get that you’re trying to be the kid-friendly role model that America loves, but there’s nothing wrong with wiping away sections of your past. This is 2016. You’re almost legally obligated to hide some skeletons.

Honest to God, I’m not trying to hate on this guy for wearing the Nelly band-aid complete with sideways hat and headband. Everyone did that. I’d happily show you a photo of me wearing dumb stuff in college or high school, but I’ve deleted them.

Check out JJ Watt’s MySpace photos below.

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