Cory Is A Former Bodybuilder Turned Phys Ed Teacher Turned High School Sex Scandal Perp

Corine “Cory” Audiat, a physical education teacher at Washington High School in Fremont, California was arrested over Thanksgiving after being accused of having a sexual relationship with one of her students. Officially, Audiat has been charged with unlawful sex acts with a minor. Additionally, she’s been placed on unpaid administrative leave indefinitely. It’s a safe bet that she’ll never work at the school again.
According to those closer to the story, Audiat and the student at Washington High began speaking earlier this year. After some time, it became a closer relationship and then finally turned sexual. “This is an unfortunate situation that we are sure has generated anxiety and many questions within our community,” district spokesman Brian Killgore said. “Our students’ safety remains above all our highest priority and any threat to that safety is taken very seriously.”
In addition to working as a PE teacher at Washington, Cory also coached swimming at Mission San Jose High School. It’s unknown if the 32-year-old is married or has children.
After checking out her photos, we can say that Cory is certainly one of the more attractive teachers who has slept with their students–although that mugshot taken on Thanksgiving isn’t really much to write home about. So we’ve gone ahead and embedded some of her bodybuilding photos below the gallery check those out as you will.

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