Here Are Some Legit Tips To Get Yourself Out Of A Ticket If You Get Pulled Over

Thinking about heading out for Thanksgiving? Well, you’re not alone. Almost 50 million Americans are set to head out on the road this holiday. That means 48.7 million Americans are predicted to hit the road for a Thanksgiving feast with their friends and families and according to AAA, that’s an almost 1.9% increase from last year. So, if you’re thinking about heading out like all these people predict then be aware that traffic cops will be out on the hunt for extra revenue. Imagine this scenario: you may have wanted to get to the food quickly before it gets cold, but then all of a sudden, you’re being pulled over for driving too fast. Up sh*t’s creek? Don’t count yourself out yet. There may be a way to get out of this mess.
Steve Lehto is a seasoned attorney, practicing Lemon Law and Consumer Protection for 23 years. And best of all, he has just released an excellent video that will give you tips on how to reduce your chance of getting a ticket when you should be getting a turkey leg.
What are those tips? I won’t write them here. I don’t want to spoil the video. I’ll just write some of them below this video (if you just want a quick rundown of some very important tips that may decide whether or not you have an annoyingly expensive ticket to pay). But either way, drive safely and watch this video:

This video is really worth watching. So, if you didn’t watch it and are just reading what I’m writing then press play immediately. But anyway, here are some important tips that Lehto gave:

  1. When you see that police car behind you with the lights flashed on, don’t just jam on the breaks, coast to the side of the road.
  2. When you’re being pulled over, pull over your vehicle in a quick, safe manner.
  3. Use your blinker while you are being pulled over.
  4. Turn on the overhead interior lights.
  5. Keep your hands on the steering wheel at 10 and 2.
  6. Roll down your window completely.
  7. Don’t say anything incriminating or outlandish while pulled over (this should be obvious).
  8. If the police officer asks to see your license, insurance or registration, tell the officer that you’re going to get your papers. Be explicit as to where you will be reaching your hands. If you’re going for the glove compartment, tell the officer.
  9. While the officer is away and is checking your registration, you need to sit still and make no sudden movements as you wait for the cop to return to your vehicle.
  10. Just watch the video, I can’t sum up all the valuable tips this guy gives into just one paragraph.
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