Steam Black Friday 2016: Best Deals, Discounts & Sales

Steam users are no stranger to sales but make no mistake… Tomorrow’s going to be a special day. It will also be extra convenient because of two things: 1) Duration discounts are no longer happening. Yay! 2) We have some of the best deals right here for easy browsing. So thank you, Internet. Also, thank you to Steam for keeping us warm and indoors while we splurge.
The Steam Black Friday sale will begin 1:00 P.M. EST on November 23 and conclude 1:00 P.0M. EST on November 29. That’s right. An entire week of gaming deals.
**Note, linked sites may not currently reflect their Black Friday prices, but we’ll update them ASAP!**

Elders Scrolls Online Tamriel Unlimited

(The Elder Scrolls/Youtube)
Repeat the following statement as needed until it’s evidently awesome: Elder Scrolls Online Tamriel Unlimited is an open world, online or offline, role-playing game set in a medieval fantasy world with no subscription fee required. How many tries did that take? One? Awesome.
Buy The Elder Scrolls Online Tamriel Unlimited on Steam for just $9.90.

Super Hot

When you stop moving in Super Hot so does time itself. The challenge to maneuver around your enemies, weapons, and bullets has made this first person shooter one of the most addicting indie games of the year. The deal is available from a third party distributor as of today but the offer is only redeemable on Steam. It is absolutely worth the buy.
Buy Super Hot on Steam for only $13.34.

Seasons After Fall

(Seasons After Fall/Youtube)
Fans of side-scrolling adventures are likely to embrace Seasons After Fall right away for its gorgeous graphics and the promise of challenging puzzles. The only downside to Seasons After Fall is that it remains a Windows exclusive. Sorry, Mac and Linux fans. Maybe the next Black Friday will be different.
Seasons After Fall for only $8.99.

Saints Row IV

(Saints Row IV/Youtube)
Saints Row IV is possibly the best deal on Steam right now. No video game trope alive is safe in this very self-aware parody of every video game cliche. You can get it now for less than the cost of your average overpriced caffeinated beverage.
Buy Saints Row IV on Steam for just $3.74.
Unlike a lot of big sale events, Steam’s digital stock is unlimited! Please do make sure to check the system requirements before going wild with your wallet. Everyone loves a brand new game but nobody wants it to lag!

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