What Is TwitterGate And Why Is Reddit and 4Chan Up In Arms About It?

Thousands of alleged pedophile and child p0rn0graphy Twitter accounts have been discovered today on social media, says Anonews.co, a hacktivist website. The mass discovery took place earlier Monday morning, when multiple users starting sending their findings to 0hour, an active member of Anonymous. Anonews reports that 0hour then compiled the names and Twitter accounts into an easy-to-read list, tweeted it, and tagged the FBI, Twitter and Disney, giving the authorities everything they needed to shut the ring down.
Just another day in hacktivism, right? Bust a ring of pedophiles, tag them on social media, and let the government do its job. Except, that’s not what happened.
0hour claims that while he was just trying to help the Twitter and the FBI do their jobs, his Twitter account was banned from the social media site. Furthermore, many of the social media accounts he called into question were allowed to remain on Twitter, causing a huge uproar on 4chan and various other message boards. Thus began #TwitterGate or #PizzaGate (because some forums choose to use the words “cheese pizza” as another word for CP).
In addition to the fact that human beings are upset that anyone is posting CP, Conservative Twitter users are ultra-pissed that conservative voices are being banned on Twitter but pedophiles aren’t.


We’ve done some research on Twittergate in the past half

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