Do You Believe This Guy Who Claims He Has No Idea Who Won The Presidential Election?

I’ll tell you right off the bat that I’m not buying this dude’s snake oil for a second. I don’t care how much of a low-key, Hermit-crab-esque, ‘Brick killed a guy you should probably lay low for a while’-type life this dude has been living, there is a -0.0% chance he doesn’t know who won the election. And for all the math-snobs out there saying to yourself ‘ha, idiot, negative zero is impossible,’ I say to you: no shit, that’s how impossible it is that this f*cking guy doesn’t know who our President-elect is.
Meet Joe Chandler. At least that’s who we think he is. My bet is he’s a con-man with multiple aliases, but that’s just my theory. Joey boy here claims to have no idea who won the election:
Via Fox 5 Atlanta:

“I was invited to an election party to stay up into the night with everybody gnawing their nails, hanging on and I thought, oh there has to be a better way,” said Joe Chandler.
Chandler said he was fed up with the political system and decided to go to bed on election night without finding out. He intended to find out who won the next morning, but when he woke up Chandler said he felt so peaceful he decided to wait until the afternoon. A few hours turned into a week.
“Having subtracted myself from this political fracas and all of the mayhem of the digital media, I kind of found the center of the cyclone, it is very peaceful in my bubble of ignorance,” said Chandler.
Chandler works from home and said he has stayed away from televisions, newspapers and social media. When he does go out, which is seldom, he wears headphones and a sign that says “I don’t know who won and don’t want to. Please don’t tell me.”

[h/t Fox 5 Atlanta]

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