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Ric Flair Just Said That Andre The Giant Drank 106 Beers One Night

Getty Images/ Andrew Walker

Getty Images/ Andrew Walker

Ric Flair appeared on the Dan Le Batard Show with Stugotz on Thursday afternoon, and of course the interview was a classic from the get-go. We’re not even through the first half-hour and already we’ve heard a ton of amazing stories. During his first few minutes on the show, he casually mentioned that when he was out with Andre the Giant, he witnessed Andre take down 106 beers in one night. 106 beers.

Oh, he also consumed every bottle of vodka on the plane to Tokyo. I guess you can do these kinds of things when you weigh 525+ pounds.

We’ve seen stories like this of Andre before, but actual confirmation about the wrestler’s amazing ability to consume frat sodas is phenomenal to hear. It also gives us hope that maybe we’ll eventually be able to kill a case over the course of a night, which is something that we’ve been trying unsuccessfully since freshman year.

Ric Flair is releasing a new book called Second Nature sometime soon, so he’s giving out some real gems and keeping a couple for the book. Judging from this interview there are going to be a ton of quality stories.


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