Wisconsin Attorney General Trying To Keep Brendan Dassey From Being Released

Brendan Dassey has had a couple of rough years, there’s no doubt about it. Not as rough a time as Teresa Halbach, the woman who he’s accused of murdering, but we’re not so cruel as to be blind to the fact that Dassey didn’t exactly get a fair trial. Anyone who watched Making A Murderer can attest to that. In fact, this week it was announced that U.S. Magistrate William Duffin demanded that Brendan Dassey be released from jail this Friday by 8:00 P.M. because his constitutional rights were violated during the murder investigation.
Of course, Magistrate Duffin is not saying that Dassey’s necessarily innocent, he’s just saying that the Manitowoc County resident should get a fair shot at a fair trial. One of the key pieces of evidence used in the trial for Brendan Dassey’s conviction was the confession that Dassey gave to investigators, which I think we can all agree was pretty messed up. It definitely sounded like a coerced confession.
So things were looking pretty good for Dassey and his family this week, until the Wisconsin state Attorney General Brad Schimel filed an emergency motion last night to stop Dassey from getting supervised release. He’s asking for a panel of judges to review the release of Dassey. From Uproxx:

Rather than let Brendan walk free, Schimel has filed an emergency motion with the 7th circuit court of appeals, asking a panel of judges to review the case and rule on whether Brendan’s release was handled correctly. The good news in all of this? If the 7th Circuit doesn’t rule on this by Friday night, Brendan Dassey will be released regardless. The bad news, though, is he’ll have their ruling hanging over his head and he could end up back in jail within days or weeks if the 7th Circuit rules against him.

Update: Dassey’s stay has actually been approved, so while the state investigates the appeal, he’ll actually have to remain in jail. Guess Wrestlemania isn’t happening this year Brendan Dassey. Maybe next time.
Just in case you’re not on board with the fact that Dassey’s confession is definitely fishy, you can feel free to watch the full interview/investigation in the videos below.



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