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The First Full Trailer For Netflix’s ‘A Series of Unfortunate Events’ Is Here !!!

series of unfortunate events trailer

via Netflix

Let it be known, I read all 13 of these books. While everyone was a Harry Potter kid, I was a Series Of Unfortunate Events kid. I’ve always just been an against-the-grain type of dude, what can I say? Anyway, these books are fire. It’s like a mystery-thriller for children. What I remember about these books, maybe more than any other book I’ve read in my life, is how easily I was able to visual the world. Lemony Snicket did a remarkable job of painting a distinctly vidid picture of the hell of a world that the Baudelaire children were living in.

And let’s just talk about the casting for a second. Neil Patrick Harris is a homerun. This dude’s is one of the best at playing against type. I mean, as a gay man, he played the world’s biggest bro for like a decade and crushed it. I can’t wait to see what his does with a creep crusty piece of shit like Count Olaf.

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