The Mannequin Challenge Is So Popular That Alabama Prisoners Are Smuggling Phones Into Cells To Participate

Mannequin Challenges are everywhere these days. Shoot, I mean we’ve already written one article about them today. And as much as I’d like to go and live my life without seeing another viral video challenge post on, when you have Alabama Department of Corrections inmates smuggling camera phones into their cell blocks to offer an inside view of their life, we’re going to write about that.

So yeah, in case you didn’t understand from either the title or my first paragraph, a group of Alabama prisoners recorded their own version of the Mannequin Challenge. At first watch, I thought it was actually extremely boring. Like all I noticed was the people reading Qurans and Bibles and working out. But then I watched it again in disbelief because here we had a bunch of potentially violent people with the opportunity of a lifetime, and all they wanted to do was show their friends and family that they just spend their time reading and working out.

And what do you know, I missed the best part: the beginning. Whole bunch of whoopings caught mid-whoop and even a shanking with what looks like a legitimate shank. Is tacking on a couple of years for possession of a deadly weapon worth it for going viral? Absolutely. Bravo, men.

It’s made even better by a lack of “Black Beatles” playing in the background.

Watch the video for yourself below.

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