Tinder's Newest Update Is Going To Open Up A Lot of New Jokes On Users' Profiles

Tinder updated their app today to be more inclusive of the various gender identities their users may identify with. And by various, we mean Tinder added 375 different gender identities, in addition to the old-fashioned “man” and “woman” identities our grandparents are more comfortable with. To make that more clear to you, that means there are more gender options on Tinder than there are sports teams in the NFL currently.
Update: an earlier version of this article incorrectly stated that there were 35 gender identities.
In the recent past, Tinder has admitted outright in saying that they felt they hadn’t done enough to further the movements of the transgender communities, a pretty smart decision considering the amount of “other” gender identities that could be using their service. And now with this new update, it seems like they’re going above and beyond how they could make transgender users feel more comfortable. Considering that this week is National Transgender Awareness Week, the timing of the update is pretty good.
“Our goal is to provide a product that gives our transgender and gender non-conforming users a better experience on Tinder,” said the CEO of Tinder, Sean Rad.
What make us a little skeptical is that if users can’t find a gender identity among the 37 that suits them, they’re able to write in their own. You can rest assured that this will lead to many, many jokes made in profiles. When we tried to update our own profiles at the time this article was published, the “other” options weren’t yet available to us. However, this is what the option will look like once it goes live.
“For many trans people, opening up to a new romantic prospect about being trans can be a really nerve-racking experience,” trans advocate Andrea James said in a statement. “I know this update will help trans and gender non-conforming users feel more comfortable while forging new relationships.”

Full List of 37 Different “other” Gender Identity Options:

Female to Male
Gender Fluid
Gender Nonconforming
Gender Questioning
Gender Variant
Male to Female
Trans Man
Trans Person
Trans Woman
Transgender Female
Transgender Male
Transgender Man
Transgender Person
Transgender Woman
Transsexual Female
Transsexual Male
Transsexual Man
Transsexual Person
Transsexual Woman

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