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Wake Up Sheeple, Donald Trump Was Actually Born In Pakistan


Donald Trump Pakistan

Earlier this weekend, Pakistani news network Neo News published a BOMBSHELL news report that suggests Donald Trump was actually born in Waziristan, and that his real name is actually Dawood Ibrahim Khan. While I’m sure that there are those among us who don’t believe this theory is true, simply look above at the photo of the blonde white boy and tell me that’s not a baby Donald “Ibrahim” Trump. The likeness is uncanny. They’re both white, they both have blonde hair, and they both have two small hands.

Here’s a bigger picture for those sheeple who still refuse to #staywoke.

You know that phrase that says “truth is stranger than fiction”? Well, that certainly seems to be the case with America’s current President-elect. According to Neo News, Dawood’s parents died in a horrible car crash and he would have stayed an orphan in Pakistan were it not for a British-Indian army captain who saved him and gave him to Trump’s family.

You know how funny it is to me that Donald Trump, or should we say, Dawood Khan, the leader of the birther movement against Barack Obama, is now being outed as Pakistani? It’s inconceivable. But yet, here we are, living the life that is Planet Earth in 2016.


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