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Brendan Dassey Of ‘Making a Murderer’ Is A Free Man (At Least For Now)


Brendan Dassey is a free man.

A federal judge ruled today that Dassey, whose case was profiled in the Netflix documentary series Making a Murderer, should be freed from prison while Wisconsin appeals a ruling overturning his conviction. Dassey was previously one of the two men found guilty in 2007 in the sexual assault and killing of photographer Teresa Halbach, along with his uncle Steven Avery.

From the New York Times report:

It was not immediately clear when Mr. Dassey would be released, but the ruling by Judge Duffin concluded that he posed little flight risk or danger to others. The authorities have “failed to demonstrate that Dassey represents a present danger to the community,” the ruling read.

If Dassey is free by this weekend, somebody needs to buy the devout WWE fan a ticket to Sunday’s Survivor Series. I know his dream is to go to WrestleMania, but who knows what will have happened to Dassey by April.

Meanwhile, Dassey’s uncle Steven Avery also got some good news today. The motion to carry out DNA tests on the evidence in his case, which was filed by his attorney Kathleen Zellner’s in August, has now been approved.


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