Yale Professor Calls Off Midterm Exam For Butthurt Millennials Who Are Too Upset To Face Reality

If you’re a college kid who is sad about the election, it looks like you might get a minor victory if you happen to take Econ 115 at Yale.
In an email to the students, a Yale professor has made the Econ midterm optional to all students “who are in shock over the election returns.” Read the full email below.

I’m torn on this one. For starters, awesome move by this professor to make the midterm optional and it’s not because of the sorrow for students. It’s awesome because midterms suck. Do you know how hard economics is? That class has a “C-” written all over it. Might have a better chance of landing on Mars than passing an economics test. Your GPA will thank you later. Seriously, midterms were awful so score one for the college kids.
That being said, really? An economics test was made optional because an election didn’t go people’s way? America can’t stop because Trump won the election. I didn’t even vote for Trump, but I know that life must go on. Rally together. Bad look for college kids right now. You want to make a difference? Pass your economics midterm, graduate, and change the American government.
Damn, I did not expect to get serious on a post about an optional midterm. Excuse me while I go binge watch episodes of Chopped while eating Chipotle to lighten the mood.

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