The Cubs World Series Parade Is About To Be Lit, Check Out The Best Photos Here

The Chicago Cubs have been waiting for over a hundred years for a World Series Championship, so when the Cubs finally won the 2016 World Series you knew they were going to have the ticker tape parade as soon as possible. That’s why Mayor Emanuel Rahm announced that rather than wait for Monday after the weekend, the city of Chicago would host their parade on Friday. This is a quote from the mayor:
“Here’s the thing: we’re going to have a parade in Chicago that will stand the test of time. It will be a parade that 108 years have waited for. It will be a parade and a celebration that all of Chicago for 108 years in their mind’s eye, have been envisioning. We’re going to make it a reality in the city of Chicago.”
The parade starts at 10 AM CT, when the players will leave Wrigley Field and continue south until they get downtown around noon. There’s going to be a celebration in Grant Park around 12 PM. We’ll update this post with photos and pictures as the day rolls along. Under the gallery, you’ll find various videos and nonsense from the Cubs parade that you won’t want to miss.

Not a photo, but we have an amazing video of a girl cussing on live television and then getting boo’d by the crowd. Get a grip people.
Honestly, these trust falls are dangerous, but I’d much rather see them earlier when everyone is energetic drunk, not exhausted drunk. That’s the real recipe for death.

Cubs reporters seem to be doing whatever they can to ruin it for the fans. That being said, this guy is ridiculous.

These girls know how to rally for a parade.

Bryant sounds like he’s had a couple Four Lokos himself.

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