A Wisconsin High School Told Its Students Four Classmates Had Died In A Car Crash, But It Was All A Hoax

Brodhead High School in Brodhead, Wisconsin pulled a fast one on their student body last week, telling them on the morning announcements that four absent students had died in a car accident caused by texting and driving. 10 minutes later later they revealed that it was all a fraud to teach students the dangers of texting and driving. The four missing students in on it, and were told not to respond to calls and text messages during the 10-minute period to give the impression that they had died.
The point of deceiving the students was to promote safe driving and, according to the local NBC station, it had been organized by the school’s student council as part of a year-long campaign on safe driving. You’d  think someone would have had the sense to say that this was probably too extreme a method to get the point across, but apparently not.
Via NBC 15:

“A lot of our fellow friends and students actually started crying because they thought these people were actually dead and so I think a lot of them actually called their parents in school too,” Brodhead High School student Madison Trombley says.

As unethical as this ploy was, perhaps the end will justify the means if it makes the students a bit more careful behind the wheel. But the far more likely result is that the students will just never trust their teachers ever again. And you can bet each of the student council members responsible will be impeached and/or receive a swirly.

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