Anthony Hopkins And Ed Harris Put On A Masterclass In Acting On Last Night's 'Westworld'

If you’re not watching Westworld by now then please, get out of here and go get yourself woke. Westworld is yet another gem from HBO, and is going to be running for quite some time. While Westworld is able to stand on its own merit with its writing, direction, and world-building, it certainly helps that it has two LEGENDARY actors in main roles.
The word legend is thrown around far too often, however, when it comes to the likes of Anthony Hopkins and Ed Harris, legend is almost an understatement. Each has over 100 acting credits to their names, with careers that have spanned over four decades. However, despite their respective illustrious careers, Hopkins, a one-time Academy Award winner, and Harris, a three-time nominee, have never truly shared the screen together (Sure, they were once both in a movie called The Human Stain but no one has ever seen or heard of it, so it doesn’t count). Until last night.
Even if you don’t watch the show, you should be able to appreciate these two icons going toe to toe. It’s a real treat.

'The Walking Dead' Stream: Watch Season 7, Episode 2 Online
'The Walking Dead' Stream: Watch Season 7, Episode 2 Online
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