Guess Which Show HBO Is Bringing Back For Another Season

HBO seems to have it all. From the sex and violence of Game of Thrones to the sex and awkwardness of Girls to the tech-geek wonderland of Silicon Valley, there are a ton of different choices on the channel. And now, this beloved premium network is eagerly considering bringing back a critically-acclaimed mini-series for a second season. The Night Of, a compelling crime drama was just unveiled and streamed online in the early summer before making its television debut a few weeks later and almost instantly becoming one of television’s best critically-ranked shows (just check out Rotten Tomatoes, with the show’s 95% rating, and the “universal acclaim” that the show received on Metacritic). It may not be an enduring, epic blockbuster like Games of Thrones, but according to the consensus of Rotten Tomatoes, The Night Of is a show that “is a richly crafted, exquisitely performed mystery that will keep viewers enthralled and leave them devastated.”
The Night Of wasn’t exactly a ratings powerhouse like the previously-mentioned medieval-inspired series that relies on a fantasy world of kings, queens, sex, blood, and dragons. But The Night Of  had a strong story that got viewers invested in its story without any elaborate setting or fantastical characters or creatures. After the first episode, the viewership spiked with an almost 40% increase for the second episode and remained at that level for the remainder of the season. The viewers just got so wrapped up in case of this mystery-driven mini-series that many must have felt disappointed when the season ended so soon, with only eight episodes, as they were left starving for more. At first, the show was only slated for eight episodes to end the entire series, but HBO executives are beginning to think otherwise.

What Happened At HBO?

The top brass of HBO seems to also be won over by the attractive drama dripping from The Night Of, and are mulling over the idea of a second season. HBO’s president of programming Casey Bloys basically told Variety that the network is all for a new season, but the stars need to align properly and they’ll need to have the right idea in place before they go about creating the second season. Or else they’ll be making programming with no passion or inspiration attached. Bloys said, “The only issue with doing another season is for them to come up with an idea that excites them. Steve [Zaillian] and Richard [Price] are talking and sharing ideas. I think it’ll be a longer process, probably. Both of them take their time and will only do something they’re really passionate and excited about. They’re not going to do another season just to do another season.”
“My guess is, it would be [one case in a season]. I think they’re talking about a lot of different variations, so at this point, all I know is that they’re talking about it. They haven’t come to us with anything. They’re just trying to get themselves excited about a take,” added Bloys in his interview with Variety.
The HBO president of programming also indicated that when the next season finally takes off, the star of the first season John Turturro is someone HBO really wants to snag for the second season. “That would be my hope. I think that’s what they’re thinking. But all of it is speculation at this point,” said Bloys in regards to Turturro reprising his role for the next installment of The Night Of.
But for now we will all just have to wait until HBO’s final decision is made for this increasingly-popular mini-series. We wouldn’t want to rush things and end up with a sub-par season comparable with True Detective, whose second season didn’t resonate with critics like the first one. The Night Of isn’t exactly revolutionary programming, as it follows the classic formula of many crime dramas, but it was done exquisitely with a great cast and story. IGN reviewer Jesse Schedeen said, “This limited series did little to shake up the formula when it (comes to) crime dramas, but it was distinguished by its amazing cast and the pervasive tension that drove the series from start to finish.”

The Night Of Season 2 Premiere Date

What isn’t a mystery is that many people love watching this show and are currently suspended in anticipation, anxiously awaiting for even something like the second season’s release date. We don’t know that information right now. But HBO really wants to set the wheels in motion for the upcoming season as well. The creators of the series are just looking for that right inspiration; the stars need to align just perfectly for the writers, executives, and actors, and then we can tell you when the second season will be released. But don’t fret, good television is just a stone’s throw away! And you’ll get new episodes from The Night Of – you’ll just have to wait! The second season may come out winter 2017, summer/fall 2018 – we just don’t know yet. Any rumored second season release date is simply a shot in the dark for The Night Of.

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