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76ers Fan With “Trump Fingers” Gives Westbrook The Bird In Greatest Highlight Ever



The Philadelphia 76ers are back, baby! I mean they still lost and I still hate them because I’m strictly a #KnicksTape guy, but the NBA is better when crappy 76ers fans are at the game acting like the Philly fans we expect to see.

Take, for example,┬áthis old fat dude with the chubbiest, shortest middle fingers giving Westbrook the business after an and-1. Honestly, the game was fun to watch because Embiid aka “The Process” is a beast, Westbrook plays at a level unattainable by mortal humans, and it came down to a tight fourth quarter. But of all the highlights, watching this 76ers fan tell Westbrook how he feels was my favorite moment of the game.

It’s kind of surprising that Westbrook went to the referee to complain, though, no? Like that’s kind of a b*tch move. The fan was ejected from the game.

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