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WATCH: Terry Tate: Office Linebacker Appears For The First Time In 8 Years To Teach Donald Trump A Lesson

Getty Images)

(Screenshot via YouTube/ Funny or Die)

Terry Tate was an internet video sensation before YouTube even existed.  You probably don’t remember many pre-YouTube videos if you can even remember a world before Youtube, but you most likely can recall Terry Tate: Office Linebacker jacking up fools who needed to be taught a lesson. Woo Bitch!!!

The office linebacker first debuted in a Reebok ad during the 2003 Super Bowl between the Oakland Raiders and Tampa Bay Buccaneers. He then went on to become the star of one of the earliest breakthrough web series, which was available on the Reebok website. After that, Tate resurfaced during the 2008 campaign to lower the boom on Sarah Palin and encourage people to vote.

So yeah, Terry Tate is a true internet OG. But he had sadly vanished from our lives for the past 8 years. But if there was ever anyone who needed to be set straight for their outlandish behavior by the office linebacker, it is Donald Trump. So finally Terry Tate made his long-awaited return in this new Funny or Die video to set Trump straight by harpooning the Republican nominee into the Access Hollywood bus after his infamous conversation with Billy Bush.

Absolute perfection. Terry Tate for president.

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