Let's Break Down This Tweet That Stephen A. Smith Tweeted To His 3 Million Followers

Stephen A. Smith says things loudly. That’s his job. His job description probably says “yell loudly.” We’re not here to dispute that. What we’re here to do is break down this wildly poorly constructed tweet. Just read it out loud a couple of times.
So, Stephen A. Smith likes to laugh at the Redskins. It’s also part of his job, and to be fair, it’s easy to laugh at the Redskins. This past weekend, after defeating the (wayyy too over-hyped) Eagles, the Redskins celebrated postgame by yelling shit like “we run the east!”

Obviously, Stephen A. was asked about this on First Take. His response was classic Stephen A. The following is a word for word quote, via The Washington Post:

“Bravo. Bravo,” Smith began. “You’re the champions of the NFC East. WOW! I’m so TOUCHED. I mean, can we stop and throw a party in the nation’s capital? You are the champions of the NFC East. I’m so touched. I’m so touched. Where’s the tissues? Look, let me wipe my tears away. I mean, this is just so touching. I can’t believe it, I’m getting emotional right now. The Washington Redskins are the champions of the NFC East. By the way, a division where they were the only team above .500, and you want a cookie. You’re going to literally walk through a locker room, through the hallways en route to your locker room, bragging — BRAGGING! — about the fact that we’re the real champions of the NFC East. What, do you want a cookie? No WONDER y’all are losers.”

To which Chris Baker, one of the Redskins players, responded with this:

Then came the mother of them all, this misworded shit pile of a Tweet. (Reminder: Stephen A. Smith is technically a journalist):

“Oh hell no you didn’t!” Classic Stephen A. response, so far so good.
Here’s where things get a little tricky: “I know you ain’t coming out your mouth.” I mean, I don’t know if Stephen A. took health class in high school, but if you’re coming out of your MOUTH, you have bigger problems then football. You should definitely get that checked out because coming out of your mouth is not how the human body is supposed to work.
Then he continues with: “I’ll deal with yo ass tomorrow on First Take” which in isolation, isn’t too bad, but then he follows it up with “I’m coming!”
So, to recap, in one Tweet, Stephen A. Smith rattled off the phrases “I know you ain’t coming out your mouth,” “I’ll deal with yo ass tomorrow,” all wrapped up with one emphatic “I’m coming!”
Stephen A., I know thinking before you speak is the opposite of what you do for a living, but at the very least, think before you tweet.

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