Check Out This Blonde Reporter Who Ducks And Covers While All The Men Stand Around Laughing

Holly Williams is a beautiful blonde Australian correspondent for CBS News currently attached to Kurdish forces fighting to regain Mosul from ISIS’ dirty hands. Williams is an expert at reporting from the world’s most dangerous places, including Syria and Iraq, and but recently she was the subject of a viral video that made her seem like more of a rookie. While posted up with the soldiers outside Mosul, Williams hears a pop in the distance and drops to the ground on all fours while the rest of the soldiers stay standing and begin laughing. Many of them even wave at her to stand back up. One of them even starts recording her on his iPad.
[protected-iframe id=”5a16fb48b7f46b245864e45030f14216-3508545-22621496″ info=”” width=”750″ height=”420″ scrolling=”no”]
Make no mistake about it, Holly Williams has more balls than most other people in the world, but this video taken at face value is hilarious. A pretty blonde dropping to the ground while all the Middle Eastern men around her start laughing and remain unphased sounds like a viral video to me.
But apparently according to people who know these things, it’s better to stay safe than unaware of your surroundings.
CBS News

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