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Kirk Figueroa Photos: Pictures of Bounty Hunter Boston Gunman


Kirk Feguroa Photos

Kirk Figueroa has been identified as the man who shot and critically wounded two Boston Police Department officers responding to a domestic dispute last night. Figueroa, who was previously an Army Reservist, bounty hunter, and co-founder of the security firm ElitePolicing, was shot and killed during a firefight.

According to reports, Figueroa was wearing body armor and was shooting at the police with an assault rifle. The BPD also states that Figueroa fired first, indicating that he might have wanted to ambush the police. The cause of why he started the firefight is still unknown.

Thanks to the heroic efforts of some fellow police officers, two injured officers who were shot by Figueroa were dragged out of the house. The two officers (whose names are being withheld) were rushed to the hospital and taken into surgery. Although the surgery was a success, these two officers are still in “critical condition.” Our hopes are that their recovery is as swift and easy as possible.

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