Top 15 Hot & Sexy Halloween Costumes For Women

The hottest Halloween 2016 costumes are going to be gobbled up quickly–just like Halloween candy–by all the women trying to look sexy for the spooky night. That’s why it’s especially important for the ladies to choose what they’re going to wear for the holiday as soon as possible.

Truthfully, finding a hot Halloween costume can be pretty intimidating, especially considering all the options available to you. Not only do you have multiple sexy pop culture references (“Sexy Ken Bone” and “Sexy Harambe” stand out) to choose from, you’ve got the classics (like the “Sexy Cop” or “Sexy Witch”) and the obscure (“Sexy Lobster” or “Sexy Skittles”).

The thing is that the “hottest costumes” change year by year, so you’ve really got to stay on top if you’re trying to impress your friends or that guy you really like. We’ve tried to make things easier for you by giving out a couple of sexy ideas for women we think they’ll want to try out for Halloween this year.

Feel free to check out the gallery below, and then click the link if you’re interested in buying the costume or costumes you see.

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