Alex Trebek Kills Any And All Hope Of Woman Finding Boyfriend… Ever

Alex Trebek kind of a sneaky douche. Like, yeah he’s had a hit show for years and absolutely dominates the 7:00 P.M. time slot, but during that reign he’s also turned into a grumpy man with quick zingers that hurt. I get the feeling that Trebek is not a man people without money would enjoy hanging out with.

Take for example, what happened last night, when Alex Trebek took one of his contestants out behind a figurative woodshed and ended her life. As this poor woman was trying to describe “nerdcore hip hop” to the 76-year-old, Trebek stepped in with a joke and absolutely destroyed any/all hopes she would have of finding a boyfriend.

Yoooooooo, Alex Trebek is the coldest dude in the game, lololololol. I'm dying laughing. @DragonflyJonez @LaJethroJenkins

— 🌚🌞🌝 You're Probably Right (@Quis_Sicut_Deus) October 12, 2016

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