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Derrick Rose Chooses Interesting Tactic In Court, Showing Up Very Late To First Day Of His Own Trial

\(Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images)

(Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images)

Derrick Rose is currently in a civil case against a “Jane Doe” who claims that the NBA Point Guard and his two friends (Randall Hampton and Ryan Allen) gang raped her while she was asleep and unconscious in her own apartment. The case has been highly publicized from the beginning, but recently Rose has told the media that he hasn’t been worried about the lawsuit at all. He’s confident that his defense will win out.

So confident, in fact, that Derrick Rose didn’t even show up to his own trial on time. At the time this sentence was written (12:57 PM EST), Rose was about to be an hour late in court.

According to witnesses statements, a silver limo pulled up to the courthouse, but once they saw the TV crews they peeled out and didn’t return. Most people believe that Derrick Rose was in the limo.

Derrick Rose’s accuser, still known as Jane Doe, is expected to testify as the first witness today.

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