The Car Dealer That Sold Anton Yelchin The Jeep That Killed Him Claims Death Was His Own Fault

(Photo by Francois Durand/Getty Images)

(Photo by Francois Durand/Getty Images)

Painful story to open the day with, but here we go: the Valencia, California Chrysler dealership filed its response to the wrongful death lawsuit filed by Anton’s parents , wherein they listed a slew of reasons why it should not be held responsible for anything related to Anton’s fatal accident back in June.

According to TMZ, the court documents from the lawsuit say the dealer says Anton’s death was the result of his own “misuse, misapplication, or damage” of the Jeep Grand Cherokee that rolled and crushed him. It’s not spelled out, but the dealer seems to be hinting Anton made aftermarket changes that damaged the SUV.

Furthermore, Chrysler also believes his parents didn’t preserve the vehicle as it was at the time of the accident, which would therefore compromise critical evidence in the case. As a result, the dealership is asking the judge to cut them loose from the lawsuit.

It looks like an ugly story is only going to get uglier as time goes on. While I understand Chrysler’s inherent need to cover their own ass, I’m pulling for Yelchin’s parents, who deserve some semblance of closure, and the ability to begin to move on.

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