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Welp, It’s Official: BYU Has The Most Lit Halftime Show In The Entire Country

via @cosmo_cougar on Instagram

via @cosmo_cougar on Instagram

I don’t remember much from the football games I attended throughout my college career. Rutgers usually sucked, and I was usually blacked out. Over my five (yes, motherf*cker, FIVE) years there, I probably only made it to a handful of games. Now, while I can’t remember what I was doing, I can tell you EXACTLY what I WASN’T doing, and that’s watching the halftime show.

The students of BYU, on the other hand, get to enjoy both decent college football, as well as a frankly dope halftime show. I think these dances are as overplayed as a Justin Bieber song, but seeing a dude in a full mascot suit get down like this is just awesome.

Plus, this is BYU we’re talking about people – the Mormon school for f*ck’s sake. Honestly though, I’m genuinely surprised they’re even allowed to have cheerleaders in the first place, let alone cheerleaders that dance like this.

Isn’t dancing illegal in the Mormon religion? Ya know, like a real life Footloose? That’s what I thought at least. Point being, this half time dance is dope, and definitely worth a minute of your time.

Tag a friend who can dance like me. #whip #dab #danceoff @byucougarettes #hiphop #dance

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