WATCH: Man Takes Bong Rip Of Carolina Reaper Pepper, Goes All Brazzers Instantly

Ted Barrus, known by his YouTube subscribers as “The Fire Breathing Idiot,” loves to consume the hottest peppers in the world. But for one of his most recent videos, Ted decided to take a Carolina Reaper straight to the lungs via a fat bong rip.
At first when I saw this video, I thought he was going to smoke weed out of a bowl or something made of the Carolina Reaper pepper–but nope. He smokes the actual pepper itself which has a Scoville Rating of 1,400,000 SHU (a jalapeno has a rating of 10,000 SHU). I can say this with all seriousness that I wouldn’t touch one of those with a 12-foot-pole but here this guy goes and smokes that sh*t.
Obviously, sh*t hits the fan almost immediately after he tries to clear the bong. He can’t feel his arms, he starts puking, and just looks like an overall idiot while trying to get the devil out of his lungs.

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These Killer Clown Memes Are No Joke, America
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