Can't Believe That Steven Avery Called Off His Engagement To His Fiancee

Move over #Brangelina, Steven Avery of Making A Murderer infamy has publicly announced that he’s ending his relationship with his “big house” beau Lynn Hartman.
Two weeks ago, Steven shocked the world when he announced that he’d dumped his fiancee of ten years, Sandra Greenman, for Lynn Hartmann and that they were deeply in love. “She’s my future wife and we’ll be laughing forever.” Putting aside the extremely creepy quote from Steve about “laughing forever,” we were over the moon that Steven (who’s serving a life sentence for the murder/rape of Theresa Halbach) had dumped his dumpy fiancee Sandra and upgraded to the more attractive Lynn #LoveConquersAll.

But today, Steven announced that the two have split because he believes Lynn is a gold digger, looking for payouts from book deals and TV interviews with guys like Dr. Phil.
**Completely different side note BTW that is in no way related to the timing of this announcement. Dr. Phil is airing the first part of a two-part interview with Lynn Hartman today at 3 PM EST. The second part airs tomorrow. But again, apologies for the interruption of this story. There is no way that the timing of this very public breakup relates at all the premiere of an interview that is airing the same day as the announcement. None. 
Second side note, that photo of Lynn in a wedding dress is more nightmarish than all the clown stories we’ve been reading so far.**

Steven’s ex, Sandra, made the announcement about Steven and Lynn via Facebook today. You know, because Steven’s in prison and can’t talk to anyone.

According to Sandra, Lynn has blocked Steven’s prison number and won’t talk to him at all. Lynn has also been paid upwards of $5K for the interview that she did with Dr. Phil, and thousands for doing other shows.
Obviously we’re extremely heartbroken for Steven, who probably hasn’t laid with a woman since Theresa Halbach and subsequently burned her to charcoal in a dirt pit, but Lynn’s the real loser here. What’s going to happen when Steven is exonerated? Where’s Lynn going to be when Brad Pitt plays Steven in the movie?

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