The 'Titanfall 2' Trailer Finally Gives Us Some Semblance Of A Campaign Story

A new trailer for Titanfall 2 dropped today, giving us a little bit more insight into the single player campaign of the upcoming game. Although the trailer itself seems to be mostly a mix of live-action and CGI (none of which are from the game engine), we do get a sense of at least one of the characters: Jack Cooper.
One of the biggest complaints in Titanfall was that the single player campaign was extremely short, although it still has a very serious following among multiplayer gamers today. Can we expect a bigger impact in the campaign for Titanfall 2? Only time will tell. What we can say is that Jack Cooper seems to be a grunt who’s hoping to be a Pilot. It’s a safe bet that he’ll get his wish.
Check out the brand new trailer below.

If you’re looking for more information on the game, we pulled some information from the game’s wiki page.
From the game’s Wiki. POSSIBLE SPOILER ALERT:

Jack Cooper is a pilot who is bound to a Titan against the wishes of command in Titanfall 2. The Titan, when responding to inquiries from command states that his former pilot was killed in action, and that he voluntarily bound himself to Jack Cooper.
This binding seems like it was against the wishes of command, who is questioning the Titan, but the Titan itself seems to have some sort of ability to self-determine, or at the very least, has a core intelligence program.
Jack was given the helm of BT after the death of Captain Lastimosa on the planet Typhon.

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