FIFA 17: The Definitive Guide To Whooping A** At Free Kicks and Corners

FIFA 17 is the hottest game on the streets around the world right now, so in order to get a leg up against the pros you’re going to need a head start. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of all the best tips and tricks tutorials to help you get an edge on the opponent. We’ve covered everything from free kicks and long shots, to early glitches (like the corner kick one you’re sure to see).
There’s even an amazing how-to that demonstrates how to add a little style to your free kicks with the Rabona free kick.
So what are you waiting for? Get in here and check out the best guides and strategies to help you force your opponent into quitting early here.

How To Score On Corner Kicks (Glitch)

Scoring on corner kicks is an amazing quality to have for FIFA players, but scoring directly from a corner kick (with no header or shot) is nothing short of bullsh*t. That being said, right now in the early build of the game it’s entirely possible to score without passing the ball to anyone. Simply aim your kick into the back of the net, power it up fully, and watch your opponent begin cussing, screaming, and calling foul.
Check out the corner kick glitch before it gets reported and fixed. Also, use this video to learn how to possibly defend against it.

How To Score on Free Kicks

If you can regularly score on free kicks, then you’re likely to win most of your games. The key is that your free kicks are never taken in the same place twice, so it’s important that you know not only how to bend your free kicks both ways, but also when to hit driven free kicks or lay them off for passing. The video below should help you learn how to score more often on your free kicks.

How To Score Rabona Free Kick

Not so much a helpful tip and trick, but one that should help you embarrass your opponents more than anything. Here’s the Rabona free kick, something that’s been introduced in previous versions of FIFA, although you might not have seen it before. The Rabona is only available to players with the “Rabona flair,” which is pretty much only Cristiano Ronaldo (although some sites say that it’s also available to Neymar). It’s pretty simple to do once you understand the difference, so check it out below.

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