WATCH: Miracle Mattress Offensive 9/11 Commercial Video

The managers of Miracle Mattress thought that it’d be a good idea to go @viral with a funny, edgy commercial that poked fun of 9/11–the most deadly attack on American soil ever. So not only did they come up with a “Twin Tower” promotion to put all the mattresses on sale at twin bed prices, they decided to also film and publish a 15-second spot to advertise the deal.
The problem? Well, looking past the fact that they wrote and produced an extremely offensive commercial, they also decided to put it on Facebook. The one place where everyone could share it and then sh*t on them.

Hopefully you didn’t jump on the amazing deals, because it looks like Miracle Mattress might be actually having a liquification sale after they go out of business.
Honestly, I’m a New Yorker and I actually made a tasteless (but funny) 9/11 joke yesterday. My point is that I’m not opposed to making light of a solemn and serious topic. But this is just a shit commercial, with an even shittier ending. “We’ll never forget”? Give me a break. The only thing this woman has never forgotten is breakfast, brunch, lunch, tea, dinner, and dessert.
To our surprise,Miracle Mattress didn’t pull the whole “we were hacked” thing, and then pretend that their employees were drugged and forced at gunpoint to act in the awful, awful commercial. Instead, they actually apologized on Facebook.

A lot of people on Facebook are commenting that they don’t believe that any staff or relatives actually died on 9/11.

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