WATCH: Amy Schumer Handles Heckler, Tosses Him Out Like Pro

Amy Schumer Heckler Video

Amy Schumer handled a heckler/troll recently at one of her shows in Stockholm by tossing him out. Just as the show was getting started, Amy was interrupted by an English-speaking man who yelled out “show us your t*ts.” Obviously, she wasn’t about to let a comment like that slide, so she stopped the show and asked everyone in the audience to point out the man responsible.

What she saw probably didn’t surprise anyone. It was a young man wearing a shirt that said, “I Love P*ssies.”

Now if you’re sitting there asking yourself, “What kind of idiot pays money for an Amy Schumer show and then heckles her about her t*ts?” I can answer that for you. It’s a guy who wears a shirt that says “I Love P*ssies.” That is exactly the kind of guy who is doing something idiotic like that.

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