WATCH: Jessie Graff Makes History At American Ninja Warrior

American Ninja Warrior isn’t a show that I watch religiously or even regularly, but if I pass it on TV, usually I’ll stick around to see what’s going on. So I was vaguely aware of Jessie Graff’s existence when I saw on the internet that she did something pretty incredible last night.
For those of you who don’t know, Graff, in addition to working as a stunt girl on the show Supergirl and a lot of other productions, has been making a killing on American Ninja Warrior this year. In fact, she’s probably the most popular contestant on the show.
So back to last night: she was attempting to become the first woman to ever complete a Nationals Finals Stage 1. There are a ton of obstacles that prevent most women from finishing the event, since some females lack the muscles to do some of the crazier events. But Graff isn’t like most females. She’s an American, a ninja, and a warrior. Which might be why she became the first woman ever to complete Nationals Stage 1.

Take a look at the awesome moment below:

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