WATCH: Is This Snapchat Video Of G-Eazy Snorting Blow Off Some Female Fan?

G-Eazy performed at the 2016 MTV VMAs alongside Britney Spears after which he was famously turned down for a kiss by the queen of pop. A lot of people at the time were surprised he’d try to steal a smooch on national television, and apparently a new Snapchat video has emerged that might explain how the rapper blew off some steam after the rejection.
A new Snapchat video purporting to be G-Eazy doing a couple of lines of cocaine off a topless woman at an afterparty has hit the web. The guys over at Brobible were the ones who discovered this video, so make sure to check it out before it gets pulled.
Obviously we weren’t at the party, so we can’t confirm anything, but for our money that definitely looks like G-Eazy. Black clothes and all.

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