This 11-Year-Old In College Level Organic Chemistry Is Making An Entire Nation Look Stupid

I was never great at collegeing, but this kid is taking it to an unnecessary level.

Cigdem Kahyaoglu, 19, a second-year mathematics and pre-med student at the University of Toledo, shared a picture of an 11-year-old boy named Daniel. Oh, and Daniel just so happens to be in her Organic Chemistry class. At Rutgers University, it took most of my buddies two tries to pass organic chemistry, so it’s honestly melting my mind that a pre-teen is taking the class.

This kid is 11 and in my organic chemistry class šŸ˜­ he said if we have questions to just email him

— Cigdem K. (@cigdemk14) August 22, 2016

Daniel, currently in high school, isn’t just taking the class, he’s offering to tutor. Daniel told the class if they have any questions, to just email him.

This isn’t Daniel’s first time embarrassingĀ college students, as he took f*cking Calculus last year. Show-off.

dude I don't know, he took calc classes at UT last year.. This kid is a genius

— Cigdem K. (@cigdemk14) August 22, 2016

According to Metro, Ā Daniel was the youngest ever Chemical Educational Foundationā€™s National Challenge Champion in 2015. The challenge encourages pupils aged between 10 and 16 to explore chemistry concepts and their real-world applications.

He picked up his prize ā€“ a $10,000 scholarship to help fund their higher education expenses ā€“ at theĀ White House Science Fair in April.

Maybe most amazing of all, he’s met both the President… and Bill f*ckin’ Nye.

@cigdemk14 two GOATs in one photo šŸšŸ

— Luke Dangler (@dangles1707) August 23, 2016

In all seriousness, this kid is pretty damn impressive, and I’d sooner vote for him than either of the two candy ass presidentialĀ candidates we’re currently faced with.

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