Matt Lauer Salary: How Much Money Is Matt Lauer Paid?

Matt Lauer, best known as the anchor of NBC’s The Today Show, is a hot franchise. After almost 40 years in the TV business, Lauer has sat on the same couch as British royalty, Hollywood stars, and Vladimir Putin. How this host gets to have so much fun at work is beyond me, but fame and fortune aren’t the only perks of the job. In between TV appearances, this buttoned-down playboy crams in roaming time on his 40-acre horse farm in the Hamptons, and countless sex scandals while he’s at it.
We’re saving the sex scandals for another day. Today, we are here to talk money.

Matt Lauer Salary 2019: $20 Million

Lauer and NBC agreed to a contract that would pay him $20 million a year through 2018.

1992 – 1997

Lauer’s breakout year came in 1992, when he moved to WNBC-TV and became a co-anchor, alongside Jane Hanson, of the early weekday news show Today in New York. Thanks to the national TV exposure WNBC gave Lauer, an opportunity to fill in as a substitute for Margaret Larson on The Today Show came knocking. During that one year “audition,” his talent didn’t go unnoticed. By 1994, NBC asked Lauer to become the full-time news anchor for The Today Show. Things snowballed from there. Lauer soon became the co-host of Weekend Today and worked as the co-anchor for Ann Curry on NBC’s NBC News at Sunrise. In addition to being a part of the NBC Nightly News, he also hosted content for the Discovery Channel and HBO.

1998 – 2017

When Matt Lauer’s contract with The Today Show came up for renewal in 2012, NBC was eager to make him stay. Following the speculation that Lauer would leave the show in the wake of the storm over the brutal departure of co-host Ann Curry, NBC offered Lauer a whopping $28 million salary. And to sweeten the deal, NBC picked up the tab for Lauer to chopper out to the Hamptons, several times a week, where he lives year-round with his wife, Annette Roque and their children. On November 30, 2016, Lauer signed a new contract with NBC through 2018.


Matt Lauer was canned out of the Today show last year but the anchor will make sure to have his presence felt across the media.


Disgraced Matt Lauer was spotted at an airport in West Palm Beach, Florida in a pair of blue jeans and baseball cap keeping a low profile in public.

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