JR Smith, Who Is In Amsterdam and Promises He's Not High, Is High

JR Smith is in Amsterdam right now, presumably with his new wife on his honeymoon. And if we know JR Smith like we think we know JR Smith, the dude is in Amsterdam to party and get high as hell.
Except, according to this JR Smith Instagram, he’s sober as the Pope and staying away from pot. Take it from the NBA champion himself!

Call me a skeptic, or someone with a brain, but I just don’t believe him. First off, anyone who tells you out of nowhere that they’re not high is definitely high. Can’t even give him the benefit of the doubt here. And then he goes ahead and posts a video in an elevator that he calls dope because it’s an elevator that we should see.
But the thing is, the elevator isn’t even that nice. It’s not even different. It’s just a mirrored elevator you’d expect to see in a European hotel that a millionaire athlete would be staying in.
I guess what I’m trying to say is that I’m dying for the NBA to come back.

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