Usain Bolt Becomes Instant Troll Meme After 100 Meter Gold

Usain Bolt memes

Usain Bolt memes are the hot commodity on the streets after the Jamaican sprinter won his third Olympic gold medal in the Men’s 100 Meter Final. There was never any doubt from anyone that the 6’5″ runner was going to win his event, but it’s the manner in which he dominated the track that’s made him more popular than ever. In a photograph taken towards the end of the race, Bolt was captured looking back at the competition smiling like a famous troll.

Of course, the internet hopped on that picture immediately and started adding their own flavor to an already incredible picture.

Usain Bolt is the kind of guy who we can’t figure out if he’s┬ásmiling because he’s a d*ck, or if it’s because he’s genuinely a nice guy having fun. Truthfully, it’s probably a mixture of both.

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