The Audi Player Index – A New Form Of Soccer Intelligence – Is Awesome

Audi of America combined its commitment to innovation and technology with its love of soccer to form a new kind of intelligence: the Audi Player Index. Launched the first day of the 2016 MLS season, the Audi Player Index is a statistical analysis that tracks position-specific player stats in near real-time across all Major League Soccer matches.
But what does the Audi Player Index do, exactly? The Audi Player Index tracks position players’ statistics in near real-time across all MLS Matches. With these statistics, fans will gain new insights to debate and discuss the sport they love and in a completely innovative way.
According to Audi:

Using Opta data sources, the Index tracks nearly 90 components and 2,000 player movements in each MLS game to create one definitive evaluative score for every player. These actions, which range from goals and assists to crosses, saves, passes, challenges and tackles, are calculated during each game in near real-time. The Index then considers the position of the player, the pitch location and game specific components and evaluates each action based on three Audi brand attributes: technique, efficiency and dynamics. The result is a unique Audi Player Index score assigned to every MLS player during each game.

Loren Angelo, Director of Marketing, Audi of America, said of the initiative:

“Audi is thrilled to once again sponsor Major League Soccer for the 2016 season. We are committed to helping the sport of soccer grow in the United States and Canada. By introducing the Audi Player Index we can engage more fans to follow, celebrate and view MLS games in a way they never have before through the use of this exciting and innovative technology.”

I’m a supporter of NYCFC, so I tried out the Audi Player Index this weekend while watching their game, and I must say, it was definitely an awesome experience. The Audi Player Index adds a whole new level of entertainment and understanding to the game.
Audi incorporated the Audi Player Index into the March 6 nationally televised MLS matches on ESPN Additionally, Audi will debut a new 30-second television commercial on March 6 called, “Audi Player Index: A New Form of Soccer Intelligence.”
Check out the Audi Player Index here!


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