Here's What The (Literally) Crappy Olympic Athletes Village Looks Like

The Rio 2016 Summer Olympics have been rife with issues that have caused concern from governments, athletes and the media alike. But despite the danger of crime and disease in Rio, the Athlete’s Village is supposed to be a safe haven for Olympians to interact with other Olympians. Not only is it the largest Olympic Village in the history of the games, the village is the place where athletes can avoid the hustle and bustle of Rio and safely sleep and party with their competitors.

So how safe is it? Well, earlier this week we learned that the Australian Olympic Team had refused to move into their accommodations because “of problems in the Village, including gas, electricity and plumbing I have decided that no Australian Team member will move into our allocated building.” Yes, the Aussies helped avoid a serious diplomatic issue by eventually moving in, but their complaints did confirm that it’s still not very safe and it’s definitely not ready for the world’s premiere athletes to stay in.
In fact, The Guardian recently published a report that stated only 12 of the 31 apartment buildings being used for the Olympic Village have passed safety inspections. There’s also the issue of an open (and reportedly very smelly) sewer located not 50 meters away from the village.

Alright, so the inside of the Athlete’s Village is crap–but how does it look on the outside? Let’s take a look at some photos from inside the Olympic Athlete’s Village in Rio below.

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