You Really Do Not Want This Guy Watching 9/11 Videos On Your Flight

There are a lot of different people you don’t want on your plane.
Obviously terrorists are at the top of that list, but a somewhat distant second are people watching videos of terrorists hijacking planes. We’re not talking “Hollywood movie hijackings” (a la Air Force One), we’re talking people like this weirdo watching videos of 9/11 right before taking off.

Because seriously, WHO DOES THAT? The same person who’d watch a horizontal video vertically, that’s who.
So how’d the person filming this react? Here’s his response (found on /r/videos)

I never complained or told anyone on the flight. I just thought it was a very odd time to watch these videos and decided to share it with you kind folks.

Definitive List Of People You Don’t Want To Sit Next To On A Plane

OK, so because I started something at the beginning of the post, I’m going to finish up my list of people you don’t want sitting on your plane. I’m sure that there are a couple of websites, writers, bloggers who have done this but none of those compare to this list–which I have just declared as definitive.
1. Terrorists

2. Crying babies. Easily the most common, awful thing that can be next to you on a flight.
3. Fat people eating into your seats. It’s inevitable.
4. Sick people who are coughing and 100% contagious. Yes, they really are contagious.
5. Smelly people. Seriously how can you afford to fly if you don’t own a shower or washer?
6. Old men. Because they probably funky and have a bladder the size of a penny, meaning they have to keep getting up all the time.
7. People who have a ton of crap on their table and who look like they’re about to spill their drink all over you.
8. People inexplicably watching 9/11 videos or plane crashes.

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